Granite Countertops vs Quartz Countertop

Countertops are available in many varieties like Granite Countertops vs Quartz Countertop but the question is which one is best suits you. Don't worry, we can help you out and give you assistance to find the ravishing product out of thousands of choices.


Concerned about you, Granite Countertops  vs Quartz Countertop is discussed here. Both home depot Quartz countertop and home depot Granite countertops are in full stock. we are providing you a lot of options and lend a hand to pick up the suited one.


When it comes to select one among two best product, it is very hard to differentiate between them because there is little to choose between them. Sometimes you choose beauty over quality or prefer durability and may end up settling on wrong choice.

Home a beautiful place, where the real you lives. It should be sustainable and beautiful. Apart from it, home should be easily manageable and cleanable. More or less, your pocket is one of the key factor while making countertops.

Various materials like tile, wood, laminate, granite Countertops vs Quartz countertops are categorised under Home depot. However Home depot Quartz countertop and Home depot granite countertops are ruling the industry, people love to have them in their houses as per the requirements, they choose one and raise the value of their houses. Some of our customers unaware of the difference between quartz and Granite requires guidance while picking up one. And we can surely say that after reading this piece of writing customers will take 5 minutes to end up-to decision.

As per the survey people who are purchasing already built houses always asks about the counter tops of kitchen, bathroom and fireplace. Now you must be thinking that is it really matters so!?

Hell yes!!

Countertop adds value to your house and raise its price value. We usually see countertops in kitchen and bathroom but countertops are also used extensively for fireplaces and backyard cooking area.

Our company’s granite vs quartz countertops are famous in Southern Ontario. However, Granite countertops London Ontario is one of the most demanding material used all over Southern Ontario. Afterall home depot granite countertops reveals a traditional look and lasts long.

granite countertops  vs Quartz countertops

Now it’s the time for the battle between granite Countertops vs Quartz countertop!!

the homes for many decades, they are proved durable countertops among all countertops.When a Granite slab is placed over any countertop it starts complimenting the living space. It looks so beautiful, so natural, so mind-blowing like even you can't stop yourself to keep complimenting it.

They are of natural composition so they are porous in nature and porous material requires timely maintenance and cleaning to prevent the countertop from bacteria, algae and Virus but it's ok! Periodic cleaning schedule helps to sustain the countertop for longer periods where-as if ketchup, red wine.etc.. is spilled over granite countertops leaves stain marks. Chipping and cracks from the edges disturbs its durability and that's how on durability factor quartz wins.

Oh.. No! No! No!.. Limited selection of colors under granite banner, may stop traditional look lovers to switch their choice to Quartz Countertops for their houses because Quartz gives you a wide number of choices and win over granite in the matter of a eye locker…

Yeahh! claps..

now Granite take an extra point over Quartz after staying sustained in extensive heat because granite is heat resistant. However, Quartz can’t withstand heat above 200 degree Celsius. So for fireplaces and backyard countertops, granite countertop should be used.


Quartz, an engineered slab, made up of 94 percent quartz and the rest is composed of resins, Polymers and colour pigment and that's why Quartz is non-porous in nature and can be maintained and cleaned easily.


Wide range of granite Countertops vs quartz countertop

Wide range of colors are present while selecting Quartz slab. You can pick anyone after contrasting its colour with almirah and floorings. Matte, gloss, laminate are further

classification under Quartz countertop. As Quartz is a man made product it emits carbon and pollute environment. However, granite is eco-friendly nature but on the other hand

complaints like chipping and staining don't exist when we use Quartz countertops.

Money!  Pocket! Budget!  what about this? Lemme tell you Honey! Granite countertops are quite costly for high end materials and for the rest, both Granite and Quartz countertop varieties exists between $80 and $160.

So take you 5 minutes and decide, either Granite or Quartz and then call us immediately to select one out of chores. We are here to help you only with the best services.


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